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Larry and Donna Charpied began La Ronna Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba)
Company®  in 1980, in Santa Barbara, California. We will be celebrating our
30th anniversary in 2010.  We learned jojoba was the replacement for
Sperm Whale oil and began a quest to produce this oil and help save the
whales.  The oil that is drawn from the Sperm Whale is actually the
“hydraulic fluid” inside the whale’s head that cushions it’s massive brain
from slamming into it’s hard skull. The rest of the whale was used for pet
food and fertilizer.  The jojoba plant supplies the same oil, which is actually
a liquid wax, making it a renewable resource our Nation can depend on.

The first year we read everything we could get our hands on, purchased
our 10 acre property in Eagle Mountain/Desert Center of Eastern Riverside
County, with the majestic Joshua Tree National Park Wilderness nestled
around  us like an amphitheater.  The air is cleaner than pristine, the water
is from  an ancient aquifer, and  the stars at night  are remarkable.  Such a
great place to live, work, and play……..

We made our first cuttings of female jojoba in December 1983 with the expert help from “Chewy” who at that time propagated jojoba cuttings for Dr. Yermanos from the University of California at Riverside.   We enjoyed an 80% rooting and ended up with a little less than 550 plants.  But alas, while in the shade house for the “hardening” process, one of Donna’s kittens could not resist taking a nap on top of all those cool plants with damp soil.  We ended up with 274 plants.  We named that cat “goofy” because she did so many things that seemed dumb to us. As it turned out, Goofy avoided unruly dogs, sly coyotes and other desert predators, and lived to the ripe age of 24 - so Goofy was actually pretty sharp. 

We planted our 274 plants in 1985 with great excitement and hope for the future of jojoba.  Today we have approximately 3200 plants that we believe contain cultivars to create a sustainable, renewable energy source that is economically viable.  Please browse through our web site and enjoy the images from our farm and surrounding desert, along with educational information on jojoba, it’s oil, and our quest for the “perfect jojoba”.

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La Ronna Jojoba Co.
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